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Clients Speak Out









Hi Jay,
Now that nearly all of our boxes are unpacked I can't let any more time go by without telling you how much we are all enjoying our new home. It was our good fortune that we happened upon one of your open houses when we started looking to buy a new home.
We knew we were going to have to consider buying a new house when it became abundantly clear that, with two disabled children to raise, we were seriously cramped and unsafe in the house we had lived in for 25 years. We started scanning the paper for anything that might look like it could be "accessible" and came across an open-house that you were hosting. I skeptically agreed to go to that open-house at John's urging. As it turned out that house was not truly accessible and I was ready to leave with an "I told you so" to John. I knew that finding something accessible was not going to be easy. That kind of property doesn't show up except on rare occasion. But you didn't let us just go away. When we explained to you what our particular circumstances were you assured us that you would research the market for any options. We left feeling somewhat hopeful, something that we had not felt in quite some time. We had explored all the possibilities for making our own house accessible and were shocked to realize that it would cost somewhere between $60,000 and $85,000 for such an extensive remodel! We realized that unless we could find an accessible home to buy we would just have to "stay put" and continue to struggle with our crowded and unsafe conditions. It was not a good feeling to realize that we might not be able to provide an optimal environment for our children.
You, Jay, were our saving grace! Not much more than a week had passed when you phoned to say you knew of a property that was fully accessible but that was no longer on the market. Would we like you to find out if the owners might still be interested in selling? We were and you did. Very shortly there after you took us to see the property. From the first showing we felt it would be perfect for us and the ideal solution to our unique housing problems.
One might think that's the end of the story but it isn't. Our journey to owning this perfect house was long and littered with all kinds of twists and turns in the road. There were so many ups and downs until, under your guidance, our dream came true. And it's all because of your exceptional professionalism, wisdom and knowledge. Could there possibly be anyone better at their job than you? I don't think so.
But the story doesn't even end there. We are completely humbled by your generous nature. You so completely understood not only the real estate business and process but exactly how difficult a transition this family would be undergoing.You immersed yourself into the project of helping us obtain this home. You completely managed everything for us and gently guided us down the bumpy road of selling and buying property. My own emotions were so mixed at the prospect of leaving a home that we had lived in for 25 years and I wondered how I would ever find the time and strength to make such a move while trying to care for two very time-intensive, disabled kids, not to mention the fact that I wondered if we could even afford to think about buying a new home. One by one you dispelled all my fears and replaced them with anticipation and hopeful expectation.
We know this couldn't have been one of your easier deals. The amount of time that you spent writing letters on our behave and seeking out help to ease the financial burden of our purchase are so much appreciated. We would never have known of the possibilities open to families like ours had it not been for your expertise. We also gratefully acknowledge all of the hours and hours of work you cheerfully put into our real estate venture and realize you went way, way above the usual call of duty. For all the letter writing and phone calls on our behalf to the selling of our piano to the actual packing and moving from one house to another we are truly grateful. You are a one of a kind treasure.
We will recommend your commitment and graciousness to your clients at any opportunity. We are so very lucky to have found you. And now that we are finally settling into our new home we hope that you will come by and see what a difference you have made to each member of this familyand in our lives.
Most sincerely and gratefully,
Kari and John and Peter and Chauntel (oh, and p.s....Blizzard has had a "doggy grin" on his face ever since we moved in!)